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27th-Mar-2013 12:00 pm - Whelp...
Probably not going to be using this blog anymore. Seems somewhat redundent since I have Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr accounts. Contact me if you're on any of those and want me to follow you.
21st-Dec-2012 01:32 pm - So...
Me many more shootings are going to have to happen before people wake up and realize the NRA is full of shit?
19th-Dec-2012 02:39 pm(no subject)
The best part about living in a place with a highly conservative, gun nut rich population like I do is how many times since Friday's horrific shooting I've had to hear some 60+ year old talking about how them there video games and that MMA is the reason for the latest mass shooting and how having more guns and praying to a magic man in the sky would have stopped it all.
...and will just say that this pretty much sums up how I felt last night:


The fact that they actually got James Hong to appear in the video just makes it all the better.
2nd-Sep-2012 12:04 am - So...
Me dad's getting remarried.

I should be happy for him, since I was always worried that if by some divine mandate I actually get a job and my own place, he'd be left alone. That's not a problem now. And Margaret seems like a nice lady. On the other hand, he's really only dated this woman for about a month and earlier this week he's telling me he's having doubts that it'll work out, then a couple days later, BOOM, proposal. It was just so sudden.

Another part of it is how much this is reminding me of my wonderfully (sarcasm) psychotic ex-stepmother and how quickly their courtship lasted. Shit, maybe it's just because of my ex-stepmother and the myriad wonderful (sarcasm) experiences me and her had together that I'm reluctant to trust people, especially after 15 years where it was just Dad and me. I dunno. I honestly don't know what to think and I have no idea what my living situation is going to be after they marry. Margaret just straight up suggested moving in with them but I honestly don't want that. As much of a dump in the middle of bumfuck nowhere as it is, I like my house and I don't know if I really want to move closer to town.

I guess I just need time to process this. I just needed to get something about this written out, rambly and incoherent as it is. We'll see what happens in a few weeks.
...I will answer, without hesitation...THE RAID.
2nd-Jul-2012 01:55 pm - So I got Dragon Age 2.
Yeah, I was going to wait and see if they were going to release an Ultimate Edition with all the DLC like they did with the first game, (no Playstation Network for me) but it looks like that's not going to be happening any time soon and I got it reasonably cheap regardless.

Almost completed Act I and honestly, I'm not getting all the hate for the game. I like interacting with the characters, I like that the story isn't another "Gather your party and go on an epic journey" and is instead about your character trying to get his family on their feet while stuck in this gigantic powderkeg that's Kirkwall. And I like the look of the place, less "generic medieval," more Mediterranean. Are a couple of the environments your quests take place in a little cut and paste? Yeah, but it's not near as bad as Skyrim was in that regard. And I liked seeing all the stuff that carries over from my save of the first game. Considering how much I felt invested in that, running across refugees from Orzammar or one of the people you freed from a curse in the first game really helps make it feel like my character made a difference in the world. Yeah, I know, corny.

So yeah, solid game. Will continue playing.
14th-Jun-2012 11:26 am - Gee thanks Livejournal...
...a picture of Twilight's Wolfboy McSixPack smiling with a ten to twelve year old girl with the caption "JACOB'S READY TO IMPRINT!" is just wanted to be the very first thing that I see after I log into this site.

*closes his eyes and tells himself* "Just one more movie. Just one more movie. And then it will all go away. Just one more movie."
24th-May-2012 03:04 pm - Movie Review: Django
Wow. Been a while since I've done one of these, hasn't it?

Probably the most recognizable spaghetti western directed by that other guy named Sergio (Corbucci rather than Leone) who made his name in this particular genre, Django is a movie that has something of a reputation amongst b-movie enthusiasts and exploitation film lovers. And truthfully, one does come away with the impression that the movie itself is bit overshadowed and oversold by that reputation. The film is crudely made, it's low budget screamingly obvious from the first scenes to the closing credits, and its minimalist script devotes too much time to spinning its wheels, stalling time, as if it just remembered the big confrontation with the villain should wait until the end of the movie. It also lacks the operatic granduer and slow burning intensity that one would find in something like the Dollars Trilogy or Once Upon A Time In The West.

And yet despite all this, there's something oddly compelling about Django. Franco Nero's grim hero is endearing, a genuine good guy under all the dirt and grime and Corbucci packs the story with plenty of entertaining comic book-style theatrics, with Django mowing down small armies like some old west Rambo. Even more interesting is just how bleak Corbucci's portrayl of the Post-Civil War west is. Django feels more like it takes a scavenger infested post-apocalyptic wasteland out of The Road Warrior than any actual period in American history. Funerary imagery abounds, from Django dragging his own coffin with him wherever he goes (and seemingly considering himself a ghost) to the climatic showdown taking place in a cemetary as the film's villain mockingly performs last rites. The town that serves as the film's setting appears to be in an advanced state of decay itself, barely populated enough to be considered a ghost town and appears as if its being swallowed by the mire of its muddy streets. By film's end, it's pretty much abandoned. This even extends to the hero, whose victory over the villain can't be described as a triumphant one and is more of a case that he's simply the last one standing. Even among spaghetti westerns, Django stands out as as being particularly grim.
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